Yunus Textile Mills Ltd

Yunus Textile Mills Limited started its operations in 1998 and within a short span of time became Pakistan’s largest exporter of Home Textile products

In this short time frame, the company has transformed itself from a supplier of basic bedding products to a world renowned supplier of Home Textile Products to top tier retailers and brands across United States and Europe.

The latest addition to the fleet of Yunus owned companies is Yunus Textile Mills Spinning plant at Karachi, Pakistan, with a total initial investment of US $ 15 million. This is yet another step towards acquiring continuous vertical growth and provides excellent integrated solutions to its customers.

YTM manufacture different types textile products in their factory located at Karachi. The manufacturing process generates large quantity of wastewater (5500 m3/day, COD 3500mg/l). The water consumption has increased significantly due to increase in production capacity. The treatment plant installed initially was not capable to handle entire wastewater. Since treatment process involved lot of chemical treatment, disposal of chemical sludge was an issue. Water consumption has also significantly increased. WOG understood the challenges of YTM and proposed a scheme for recycle and reuse with cost effective treatment process.

WOG team has designed and installed start of-art treatment process for treating and recycling entire wastewater. Innovative treatment process was developed to avoid use of any chemicals in the treatment process. WOG developed a scheme to use flue gas for adjust of pH (from 11.5 to 7.0) in wastewater. This innovative process of use of flue gas is resulted in elimination of use of acid, chemicals and reduction in CO2 emission to atmosphere. After proper homogenization the effluent is fed to anoxic tank to remove ammonia followed by advanced membrane bio-reactor. MBR permeate is stored in a tank, which further treated through two stage RO process. Energy recovery technology is used in RO system to optimize energy consumption.

The plant is in operation since last one year. Treated effluent COD consistently below 150ppm and BOD is <5ppm. RO recovery is as per design 90%, total 5100m3 of treated effluent is successfully recycled back to process. Treated effluent TDS consistently less than 200ppm and recovery from RO is 95%.