The sense of urgency for industries to recognize effective ways to manage their waste and generate power coupled with our extensive global reach to world renowned EPC suppliers has pushed us to believe that our company can cater to such needs and provide excellent services.

Since industrial waste water has diversified effluents, we can provide customized solutions that are sustainable, innovative and environment friendly to ensure our clients can treat their effluents at affordable prices. We now also provide energy solutions that range from biogas fuel, biomass fuel and solar power energy.

Associated Environment & Energy Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd systems and solutions for industrial water, waste & alternate fuel power plants

Diversifying into
economics utilities

It is strategically recognized for the representation and cooperation with globally selected first-rated and world-class established manufacturers and suppliers placing an emphasis on Waste Water Treatment, Power Generation by alternate fuels.

Our fundamentals concentrate on:

  • reliability
  • longevity
  • simplicity
  • energy efficiency
  • cost effectiveness
  • strict adherence to environmental compliance

The company strives with unparalleled vigor and passion to engineer customized and tailor-made environment & energy solutions and plant systems without compromise.

AEES business-to-business solutions cater to activities in industrial markets as well as the capital investment demands of Small Power Producing (SPP) can be diversified into BOT water & power plants.

The passion associated with meeting new people, understanding new processes and applications, identification of opportunities and the increasing of exposure and presence within new markets and communities are main drivers imperative for expanding ATCs frontiers into AEES. With a presence in excess of 5 decades in Pakistan market, the company prides itself on the ability to adapt to continuously shifting trends in utilities economics. The company’s dynamism has proliferated a flexibility and versatility to be able to appropriate and mobilize resources, time and energy to where they are demanded and truly needed the most by markets.


To be a responsible Business partner of choice for sustainable energy and water solutions


To become the leading solution provider for waste water treatment/management and energy systems in partnership with the World’s well renowned Suppliers and EPC firms.


Zahid Majeed

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zahid Majeed joined National Foods Limited in 1987 and pioneered its transformation from a small food enterprise into a leading foods brand in Pakistan. Since then he has served in various capacities at NFL from heading the Corporate Marketing function to most recently establishing the International Business subsidiary, National Foods DMCC. He also introduced the concept of sustainability by establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform at NFL. Mr. Zahid Majeed played a significant role in initiating a Public-Private Partnership with UNICEF to launch the first Iodized Salt in the mid 1990’s under the CSR umbrella along with various other education, health and nutrition initiatives with focused efforts to address women’s empowerment.

Mr. Zahid Majeed is also CEO to ATC Technology Consultants and Associated Environment & Energy Solutions.

Mr. Zahid Majeed studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford University and later acquired a Degree in Textile Technology at University of New South Wales, Australia. Mr. Zahid Majeed is also a certified Director from the Institute of Directors (IoD), London, an International Certification that proves his commitment to the highest standards of Corporate Governance.

Abrar Hasan


Mr. Abrar Hasan has been with National Foods Limited since 1993, where he was later appointed as Chief Executive by the Board of Directors in the year 2000. Under his inspirational leadership and proficient operations management skills, NFL has transformed from a simple recipe producer to a full-fledged foods company. Prior to his joining NFL, Mr. Abrar Hasan was Plant Director at Precision Rubber Products Limited, where he was responsible for overseeing Production and Manufacturing Management.

Mr. Abrar Hasan with his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge has set examples and inspired the NFL team to embrace new technology, discover upcoming marketing trends and invest in human resource development Company wide. He is truly the driving force behind his team of skilled professionals at NFL.Mr. Abrar Hasan graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management with a minor in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana, USA.