Shafi Texcel

Shafi Texcel started its production with a weaving plant in 2004 and has extended its business with a fast pace, adding yarn dying plant (2009) and processing plant (2014) within ten years.

Shafi Texcel had to treat its waste water to meet the National Environmental Quality Standard. The factory process generates large quantity of waste water i.e. 1800 m3/day, COD = 1500 mg/L, TDS= 3000-3500 mg/L, TSS =125 mg/l. Shafi Texcel decided to consult WOG-AEES to install ETP to meet the NEQS.

WOG proposed the optimum Effluent treatment scheme, which has an Equalization tank that balances the inconsistent effluent, making it mix properly by using the coarse air diffusers. Flue gases dosing is provided to neutralize the waste water pH. WOG proposes liquid decolourant of high & medium molecular weight cationic polyelectrolyte to eliminate color from the effluent. Anoxic tank is introduced for Nitrification and De nitrification. The Cloth Media Based Disc Filter is a complete system installed for continuously removing particulates from a flow stream.

Treated water having characteristics of COD= <150 mg/L, TSS = <30 mg/l, pH= 6.0 – 9.0 meeting NEQS limit.