Lucky Textile Mills

Lucky Textile Mills was first established in 1983 and has since remained one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country to-date with an indelible commitment to employing the most modern technology.

LTM concepts continually push the envelope and have resulted in a 50% reduction of harmful chemicals. Throughout the value chain, LTM embrace the philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’. Environmental discharge compliance is one of main goal of LTM

The total effluent generation is 6000 m3/day, COD 3500 ppm. LTM wants to install an advance treatment process, keeping in mind zero or negligible chemical consumption, lower power consumption and 100% compliance. LTM has setup to install Effluent treatment plant proposed by WOG.

WOG provided solution to minimize impact of treated effluent. Innovative treatment process was developed for zero chemical and lower power consumption. The process involves for effluent flow 250 m3/hr. pH 11.5, Alkalinity 600 mg/l. Flue gas from stack is tapped and dissolved in waste water in a tank. Sparser used for proper reaction. Biological treatment process designed, Carousel based aeration design for nitrification and De nitrification

Biologically treated effluent COD remains less than 137 ppm with TSS equals to 64 ppm. Treated effluent quality ensured 100% compliance under the NEQS limits.