Engro Foods

Engro Foods have created & led a White Revolution in Pakistan to provide safe, healthy & affordable nutrition to Pakistan. They empower Dairy farmers through Dairy Development Programs for inclusive & sustainable economic growth. Engro foods have set a goal to treat the waste water and recycle it by fulfilling NEQS and to meet their daily consumption of water.

The factory process generates large quantity of waste water i.e. 1850 m3/day, COD = 8 mg/L, TDS=1350 mg/l. Although COD is not a problem for them, they plan to recover at least 70% of water. WOG proposed Engro Foods to install a waste water treatment recycle and reuse plant.

The Effluent Feed water of 1850 m3/day, with characteristics of COD=8 mg/l max, TDS 1350 ppm is to be treated. The treatment process scheme involves Equalization in balancing tank which is projected to balance the inconsistent effluent through proper mixing by using the coarse air diffusers. Filtration is done through Multi Media Filter along with backwash & air scouring arrangement to remove suspended solids & impurities. Treated water is then transferred in RO system for final polishing of effluent.

Total treated flow water is 1387.5 m3/day (75 % recovery), which is recycled back to the factory, having water characteristic TDS < 50 ppm at the outlet.