Eastern Garments

Eastern Garments (Pvt.) Ltd. started its operation in 1976. Eastern Garments is a global manufacturer and exporter of private label apparel product for men, women and children. Eastern Garments cares about nature. They have planned and developed eco-friendly solutions for energy consumption and water conservations in pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

Eastern Garments (Pvt.) Ltd. (EGPL) is situated in S.I.T.E. Area, Karachi- an area which is facing a huge water crisis, due to which it became a dilemma for EGPL to meet its required consumption. The Company started a campaign for reducing the quantity of its liquid effluents & their pollutant concentration. The factory process generates large quantity of waste water i.e. 2273 m3/day; COD 900 max, TSS < 42 mg/L, pH. 8.58.

WOG proposed EGPL to set up Recycle/Reuse based Effluent Treatment Plant. WOG developed suitable scheme having Equalization in balancing tank, which is going to balance the inconsistent effluent to mix properly by using the coarse air diffusers. In feed water, there is PVA contents of (< 60 mg/L). Self-Screen Filter is introduced to filter out these PVA contents. Acid Dosing was provided to neutralize the waste water pH. Anoxic tank was introduced for Nitrification and Denitrification. Bioreactor tank have introduced to achieve the required MLSS which was provided with Fine Air Diffusers to maintain the required Dissolved Oxygen. Advanced MBR skids were installed to lower the TSS. Centrifuge machine was installed for sludge handling which is used for dewatering.

Biologically treated water having characteristics of COD (< 100 mg/L), BOD (< 10 mg/L) and TSS (< 10 mg/L) at the outlet of MBR and RO recovery of 80%.